Interesting Facts About Yoga

The statistics say that almost 22 million Americans practice yoga on a daily basis. If you think that is a huge number you will be surprised to know that they spend more than 5 billion dollars on yoga products and yoga classes every year.

No second thoughts on the fact that it is one of the activities that everyone should indulge in. It contributes a lot to the wellness of both mind and body. What people know about yoga is less than ten percent of what it is. Here are some interesting facts that might blow your mind.

It is not just about fitness

Many people especially the ones in the west have this perception that yoga is very much confined to fitness. It is true that it contributes to the fitness of the body, but it is something that is a lot more than just a fitness activity.

Yoga has more than 5000 years of history and tradition. It is a practice that has been in existence from the pre-Vedic times. Yoga holds an important place in Bhagavad Gita, the holy book of Hindus. The Hindu literature and scrolls around 500 BC has mentions of yoga in it. In 100 BC Patanjali wrote the Yoga Sutras.

So Yoga is more of religious, divine and a traditional practice that contributes in a lot of ways to the human race.

Savasana and its importance

Savasana holds a very important place in yoga. It is considered to be one of the most difficult poses in yoga. We all know that the perfect climax for a movie is mandatory. Savasana is the mandatory climax for every yoga session.

According to the scripts, Savasana is a yoga pose that provides you with ultimate relaxation.  The Savasana relaxes both your mind and body and keeps them calm. Every bit of stress is eliminated, and you are absolutely stress-free. It is a rejuvenation process that heals your entire body.  It is not an easy task to master Savasana, but it has a lot of positive effects.

The importance of breathing

The breathing techniques play a major role in Yoga. Breathing not just gets oxygen to our bloodstream it also helps to eliminate the toxins in our body. This is just a minor part of the breathing process. Do you think that the yogis spent years to find only this? Definitely not. Breathing in yoga has a lot more than you can ever imagine.

There are a lot of breathing exercises in yoga. Some are very simple, and some are complex. Complex in a sense you can practice them only on the presence of a trained yoga instructor. Breathing yoga exercises have the ability to calm your mind and improve your breathing duration.

Yoga more than movements and poses


When it comes to yoga people, tend to concentrate on the movements and poses. We are not saying that the movement and poses are not important. Many people get consumed into these things and forget the real purpose and essence of yoga.

Yoga makes you younger

Don’t get wrong ideas. Just because we say that yoga makes you younger, it does not mean that your age is going to decrease every day as you practice yoga. We are doing yoga not filming “The curious case of Benjamin Button.

What we meant to say is that yoga keeps your spine young and hence you will feel a lot younger at heart. Age will literally be a number and nothing more than that. Yoga eliminates all the major issues that will be faced by aged people.